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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 28, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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he will stay in list parents's home as long as he can, i would imagine. >> i'm sure he is. he's out on $250 million bail. you can come up with that. >> sure. >> trace: happy new year. that is "the story" of wednesday, december 28. the story goes on. we'll see you back here at 3:00 tomorrow. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> i waited in line 1 1/2 hours and we finally get to the front of the line. they say there's no flights anywhere. >> i've been loyal to southwest. their system did not work this time. >> i was going to get on one flight. they said there's still two sides. and click click. sorry. there's 148 people on stand by for that same plane. >> passengers fired up, baggage piling up as the meltdown at southwest shows no signs of letting up. southwest's ceo issuing an
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apology but that won't help the stranded. the stock driving 10% in the last two days. i'm edward lawrence in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." we're all over it with mike tobin in chicago's midway airport. jacqui heinrich with the president in st. croix where the administration is vowing to get to the bottom of this and nancy mace on the billions in aid airlines received and the southwest airlines union head fuming over what he calls a catastrophic failure despite all of it. he's here. fox to mike tobin in chicago where it's all going down. mike? >> well, going down certainly is one way to put it. going downhill. you have this mass of bags standing as a visual example of that. what you have here is a line of people around the whole baggage area. they're being allowed by a desk one by one to walk into this
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purgatory of bags to expect the bags and see if they have found their bag. every once in a while a big cheer will go up. it's a terrible miss. you have 2,800 domestic flights cancelled. of that, southwest airlines is responsible for 87% of those. i said that wrong. 5,800 of the flights from southwest are cancelled. bags are stuck. the staff is stuck as well as the traveling public. they just want to get home. >> our luggage is missing. >> we cancelled southwest entirely and hoping for a refund. >> some people point to this business model. more blame is directed at southwest executives that
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neglected to upgrade communication logistics technology resulting in this meltdown. both southwest flight attendants and pilots unions says this was predictable. bob jordan offered an apology. >> the tools that we use to recover from disruption serve us well 99% of the team. clearly we need to double down on our existing plans to upgrade systems for these extreme circumstances so we never again face what is happening right now. >> the u.s. department of transportation says particularly when it comes to ticket refunds, hotel vouchers, meal vouchers, which are going to add up, that southwest airlines will be held accountable. edward? >> thanks, mike. the biden administration is vowing to hold southwest accountable. that's little comfort to some travelers who have now been stranded for days.
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jacqui heinrich is digging deeper in to the white house response. >> hey, edward. yeah, the president made it here to the caribbean no problem aboard air force one. thousands of americans were not so lucky with their holiday plans. now the biden administration is vowing to hold southwest airlines accountable. pete buttigieg is bearing down really on the airline making sure that customers know their rights to meal vouchers, refunds and hotel accommodations and that the company is aware of the consequences headed their way if they don't fulfill those obligations. >> we have enforcements tools that we've used this year. we saw a number of airlines that had cancellations. they weren't taking good care of their passengers through enforcement actions we've been able to help hundreds of thousands of passengers their money back to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. we're also in a position to use enforcement power and fines to hold airlines to the things that
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they have now committed to us. >> buttigieg is saying that whatever airlines have put in writtening as far as their commitments to customer goes, the department of transportation can enforce that and make them hold up to that commitment. southwest has tried to explain what happened and ensure its customers that they hope things will be back on track by next week. meantime, members of congress are really questioning past bailouts to airlines and considering attaching strings to things like this in the future. members in the house transportation committee are vowing to investigate. edward? >> thank you. we have one of those members of the house transportation committee. the white house is not alone in wanting to investigate this. nancy mace from south carolina wants an investigation. she's on the transportation committee. so representative, customers get nothing in compensation when the delay is caused by weather. that's how southwest says this all started. the company seems to be doing the right thing for customers
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this time. is it time to look at overall compensation and put in place something like the european union has on the books? >> i want to be careful about the federal government coming in and regulating what's coming: when tax players bail out southwest to the tune of $7 billion, what i first want to see is an accounting of where that money went. it didn't go to upgrading their technology to preparing for this kind of disaster. it's been a disaster. this has effected me not just as a member of congress, but my kids were stranded in baltimore on christmas eve. almost didn't make it home. like so many people, they got stranded halfway through their travel during the holidays. their luggage, we think it's in ohio but we're not sure. the gal operating the camera where i'm sitting right now, she was stuck in colorado for five days and still doesn't know where he's luggage is.
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this is happening to people all across the country. i want to know where the $7 billion went. >> what about the reaction, the transportation secretary came out today and said they want to get to the bottom of this. this has been going on since before christmas. what about that time lapse in reaction from the white house? >> right. pete buttigieg and the white house didn't respond until yesterday about four days in when 2/3s of the flights had been cancelled with no end in sight. as i saw on the screen just a few moments ago, almost every flight cancelled today was a southwest airlines flight. i want to see pete buttigieg say that he's going to hold southwest accountable but figuring out where the money went. we're only rewarding bad behavior when we subsidize and pay the bills for these airlines. when a disaster like this happens, i want to know where it went. why isn't this good enough for staffing or to upgrade their technology to prepare for knowing where the crew members
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are and knowing where passenger luggage is. this is very basic business operations. they couldn't fit the bill this time. >> let's go to the border. the white house is blaming republicans now for the crisis that is happening at the border there and saying the u.s. supreme court decision as you know keeping title 42 in place there. i want to get your take on a the white house saying that it's republicans issue and that they need to come to the table to work together now with the administration. >> well, now they say that after they put -- sent over 500 million almost over seas to pay for border security in other countries but couldn't be bothered here to do that in the united states under a democrat senate and house that passed that bill. $1.5 billion last year to cement the relationship between the white house hand the cartels that are engaging in human trafficking and drug trafficking
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every day. i want to hear about democrats or the left saying it's republicans fault. for two years now, we've seen the massive increase, massive spikes in illegal immigrants coming across the border every single day since the president was sworn in to office. i agree we need to work together on the issues that are most critical to our country. the last two years are partisan. i hope when republicans are in control of the house, we're thoughtful about putting our citizens first and working and reaching a cross the aisle to figure this out together and not as partisan has the left has been. look where it's gotten us. >> in the last 15 seconds, why do you think the president has let this crisis continue? >> well, he's not admitted that it's a problem. the first thing you need to do is admit there's a problem. they deny, deny, deny. they're burying their heads in the sand and it's wrong. >> thanks, representative nancy mace. thank you. so the border isn't open, that's
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what the dhs is saying, but that's not what the images from the border are showing. and a new video revealing the dangers for texas homeowners in the wake of this crisis. we'll have the latest coming up. plus the border costs piling up for taxpayers looking into the latest funding shows interesting priorities. aishah? >> that's right. so a lot of republicans would say democrats are not prioritizing the border if you look at that giant government funding bill they just passed. we're going to take a look at it together and get reaction from one democrat that represents the border next. ♪limu emu & doug♪ it's nice to unwind after a long week of telling people how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. showtime. whoo! i'm on fire tonight. (limu squawks) yes! limu, you're a natural.
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>> the department of homeland security insisting the border is not open. images of more migrant crossings may be telling a different story. matt finn covering this from eagle pass, texas. matt? >> so far today we've seen a few smaller groups cross in to the united states. a few hours ago, we saw a group of men, women and young children dash across the frigid rio grande river. i asked some people where they're coming from. they cheered and told us cuba. we watched as the group was
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escorted in to the country by the national guard and placed on a bus. something that we see about every day here. also here in eagle pass, the national guard brought in fresh razor wire and installed it on top of cargo containers that were installed before christmas. we asked governor abbott's office about what appears to be posturing or security along the river. the governor's office writing in part, texas continues taking unprecedented action to enhance border security, including building a border wall and installing container blockades to stem the flow of illegal crossings and more. in el paso, fox news just wrapped up a ride-along with a sergeant from west texas dps. that sergeant says he's happy title 42 remains in place. he tell us every little bit is helping and he thinks the massive tent-like structure that was build in el paso should remain in place. >> a lot of people on the streets, anywhere from babies,
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toddlers, teenagers in the streets, in the bitter cold. it's great the city is doing this. hopefully they maintain it so those people have shelter. >> shocking video in edwards county about 50 miles knot of the border. a group of illegals trying to break into a home. the property owner tells fox news that they called border patrol but the migrants took off. the woman says this is the third time migrants tried to break in her property. she's spent $13,000 in added security. back to you. >> it's unfortunate. matt finn at the border. thanks. the rising cost adding up for taxpayers. critics blasting lawmakers over their prytys when it comes to border spending. fox news' aishah hasnie investigating that in washington. >> hi, edward. i caught up with henry cuellar this afternoon who is responding
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to all of this republican criticism that there was a lack of border funding in the 1.7 trillion omnibus, the government funding bill that he and his democratic colleagues just passed before christmas. take a look. that bill includes $60 billion for homeland security. the entire department. which is a $3 billion upgrade, edward, from last year. it is not keeping up with inflation. of that $60 billion, only $60 million will go to hiring a cbp officers and a whopping $800 million is for sheltering migrants. that's a $650 million jump from last year. cuellar told me that it's more funding than the funding dhs received under former president trump. >> would you have liked to have seen more? >> you know, of course. i would like to see more. but we do need to have cooperation from republican
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friends. they need to come to the table. >> so in the meantime, the white house continues to blame those republicans in congress. last night karine jean-pierre wrote this about the supreme court order saying that it gives republicans in congress plenty of time now to move past political finger pointing and join their democratic colleagues in solving the challenge at our border. cuellar said that's an unfair assessment since the administration does have the power to change border policy today. they can do that today if they wanted. >> thanks. this is a situation not going away. so reaction to the lack of action from the white house and congress as agents deal with too much action along the southern border. art dell cuello joins me.
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$800 million went to migrant shelter expenses. that's 92% more for shelter than those protecting the border. are the priorities mixed up here? >> not only are the priorities mixed up but they could save money by implements policies that work. you're putting more money into individuals that will continue to bring in and release. that's where the problem is. they reported this last weekend, there was 16,000 illegals that were arrested throughout the weekend. 14,000 of those individuals were released in the united states. that's part of the problem. you need to detain these people. the reason they keep entering illegally is because nobody is detaining them. it's a free for all and they're getting released with no response with anyone in the white house. >> the dhs releasing a statement in response to the supreme court's decision to keep title 42 in place. it reads in part, people should not listen to the lies of smugglers that take advantage of vulnerable migrants putting lives at risk. the border is not open and we
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will continue to fully enforce our immigration laws. are the laws being enforced? >> you know, that's smoke and mirrors. it's lip service from dhs. these individuals know, the cartels know, hey, it's a lie. just come across, ask for asylum and you'll get released. how do you stop it with actual actions and policies? you can send out the notes you want and memos. the reality is, the smugglers know what's going on. they're watching these people get continually released. >> we're about 20 months? to this crisis. the response from the administration is to move people faster in to the country so we don't get optics like we're seeing on the other side of the screen here. the problem is not moving people crossing illegally faster in to the country, right? >> the problem is when you start doing that, you remove agents from the line. who take advantages is the drug cartels. that's why you see the got-aways coming up. that's why drugs come in to the united states. that's because they
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strategically are sending big groups in one area knowing that agents will move to the area. the agency will put the individuals in processing, have them processed faster. more people will come across because it's easy to get released. who is the one gaining out of it? the drug cartels. that's where the problem is. that's where when governor abbott put in barriers it helps. >> that leads to the next question. take fiscal year 22. 2.4 million people illegally crossed in to the united states. four times the population of washington d.c. when you have that many people in certain areas, it leaves holes in security to your point. the cdc is publishing the numbers of deaths for fentanyl. but they're up nationally. it's coming across the certain border, isn't it, with the holes? >> it's coming in the gaps. agents are too busy processing and doing administrative duties. yes. >> is there a quick fix to this? >> yeah, you start detaining
1:22 pm
these individuals and you send immigration judges or asylum officers, look at the cases and that will deter people. you have to stop it. prove if you commit the crime, there's a consequence for it. there's no consequences for committing the crime. >> thanks, art del quello. with the new year closing, speculation there could be an announcement about the president's future soon. i talked with the arkansas governor about the potential presidential run and we'll know how the covid lockdowns impacted our kids. find out how much less they could make because of virtual learning. plus, a southwest pilot is here on what's going on and what it's going to take to dig us out of this mess. ♪
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>> edward: the dow and s&p 500 closing down as china closing down for covid.
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>> edward: this just in. republican district attorney for nassau county, new york has opened an investigation into gop congressman elect george santos. the fabrications associated with congressman-elect santos are stunning. other parts of the third district must have an honest and accountable representative in congress. nobody is above the law. if a crime was committed, we will prosecute it.
1:28 pm
>> we have to have a fresh start for our party. we have to have a new option for 2024 or we're going to be yielding the presidency once again to president biden or to a democrat. that's the challenge that we face. >> that was arkansas republican governor asa hutchison on fox business earlier today. he's weighing in on a possible presidential run for himself. so is president biden going to run? who is likely going to have re-election talks with his family on vacation. he says he will have a decision next year. what will the 2024 field look like? samantha joe roth is joining me now. where do you think the president comes down on this? is it likely he runs again. >> if he does, does that clear the field on the democratic
1:29 pm
side? >> i think after the mid-term elections, the particularly strong mid-term elections for the president and for democrats, it is looking a lot more likely that president biden will be the top choice for democrats. obviously if biden bows out, there's a big question of who will be that person who is going to lead the field. i do really feel like because of the mid-term elections, it seems like nobody is going to challenge him if he should decide to move forward with the presidential bid. >> gavin newsome, we've heard, making waves possibly thinking about a run with this. he's vulnerable on his covid policies from the lockdown. california has one of the highest gas prices in the nation. >> absolutely. gavin newsome has said that he does not think that he's going to run for president. you know, as we know, politicians love to say that and then they run for president. you know, we saw him really taking on some republican governors like ron desantis and
1:30 pm
some others. we saw him placing billboards in some states talking about policies for abortion and trying to drive people to california. it does appear that gavin newsome does have some political aspirations for sure. >> and former president donald trump is in the race. that hasn't scared away ron desantis, asa hutchison who i talked with possibly considering a run for this. do you feel like this time around president trump is going to get competition on the republican side? >> i think a lot of the signals that we're seeing is that republicans are very unhappy with what they've seen. they lost the white house, they lost the senate, they lost the house. they were able to get the house this time. that is not with the help from president trump. so we're seeing a lot of people now emerging. the number 1 choice has to be governor ron desantis. his profile was high. that was before the mid-terms.
1:31 pm
you know, after the mid-terms, you know, that major victory looking at somebody who was able to lead miami-dade, a republican, that is huge. also the fact that, you know, he has a very friendly legislature. he will use that in a way where he will be able to get laws passed that will play really well during the mid-terms or rather obviously the presidential election. >> edward: so president trump a divisive figure in the party and outside the party. you think that plays into the opening for ron desantis to come through? >> absolutely. i think that, you know, ron desantis has really tried to stay away from the confrontation. you know, obviously we've seen president trump specifically targeting the florida governor. he has said nothing basically. that really signals to a lot of people that he's deciding to get into this race.
1:32 pm
yeah. >> would it be a two-person race or you think we'll see a larry hogan and asa hutchison come in? >> i think a lot of people may be considering a run for president. there's been a lot of rumors about nikki haley. she has a very impressive resume, the former south carolina governor. she's teased some political aspirations. i think mike pompeo has also talked a lot about -- he's been somebody that does seem like he has a lot of presidential aspirations. he's been to iowa. he has impressive credentials. so he also is somebody that isn't a great fund raiser. so that's a challenge for him. >> edward: interesting. thanks. this will be ongoing the next two years. we'll have fun with it. thanks very much. appreciate it. incredible images of a restaurant transformed into an ice castle after the buffalo blizzard. hear from the owner.
1:33 pm
plus, what it will take to prevent another airline meltdown. meet the southwest pilot who has ideas and a new stu did showing how pandemic learning losses could lead to future earning losses. lydia hu on that. >> hi, edward. that new study suggesting that lockdown related learning loss could cost today's students as much as $70,000 in lost earnings over their lifetime. what will that cost the country? i've got the answer coming up. waiting. sometimes it's just inevitable. but if you're over 50 or live with a chronic condition, untreated covid could be deadly. got covid symptoms? get tested and get treated right away. it can't wait. vision insurance doesn't do you any good if you don't use it. just like this treadmill i bought, that i keep saying that i'll use... but never do. yeah. with hundreds of frames to choose from, you can put your vision insurance to good use at america's best. book an exam today.
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1:38 pm
century. the study is based on declines in eighth grade math tests. there's a correlation between the policies that forced children to stay at home and the largest drop in math test scores in more than 30 years. we've got reaction from an advocate for public schools that also is a mother of four students. so we heard -- >> we heard so much about equity. equity this, equity that about how to improve our school systems over the years. when covid hit, the equity concerns went out the window. it was the poorest kids and the kids of working class parents that got hit the hardest with school lockdowns that didn't keep our kids safe. >> edward: so lydia hu will have more on this. this is amazing and astounding what the study found. the correlation that parents already knew. >> yeah, you're absolutely right. what is troubling here is the
1:39 pm
time spent at home is causing the learning loss. there's studies that show learning loss leads to lower graduation rates, higher rates of arrests and incarceration. overall lower skilled and less productive adults that they earn less money in their lives. so now some people are asking what is going to be done to reverse this learning loss. they're looking at the schools. they received more than $190 bill in pandemic aid. there's concern here too because less than 15% of those funds have been spent by school districts so far but certainly, edward. this is an issue that concerns all americans because of these financial impacts down the road, not just folks that have children in school at the time of the pandemic. edward? >> edward: yeah, lydia. thanks for that. the founder of b.c. and dr. janet nesheiwhat is here with me to discuss this. dr. nesheiwhat, were you surprised by the results of the
1:40 pm
study? >> hi, edward. no, it's no surprise at all. it's an interesting study. in my opinion, it just further solidifies the fact that the lockdowns, the shut downs and the remote learning is one of the worst events that happened in our country, especially to our children, for the lowest risk group. we have inflicted upon them the most stringent restrictions and now we're seeing the consequences of that. in this study what they found is school age children, over their lifetime, the loss of learning is going to result in about $70,000 decrease in earnings if we do not recover from this. on top of that, we see a drop in graduation rates, a decrease in those that go off to college. an increase in teen pregnancy and incarcerations and that sort of thing. even in drug use and anxiety and depression. >> edward: so doctor, i'm curious about one thing. did the learning affect kids differently? elementary school kids have the
1:41 pm
formative years where they learn to read and comprehend. high school kids in remote learning had the basic skills already. you think we'll find a disparity there? >> that's a great question. this study focused on the eighth graders. the reason is if you're in say elementary school, if you're five years old starting kindergarten, you have more time to catch up. the study was focused on the eighth graders and specifically math. we had very significant drop in math scores as well as reading. so it was focused on the eighth graders. they were in the middle. they're the ones that were cut right before or right in the middle of the pandemic where they lost on average anywhere from half to 3/4s of a year of schooling. it will take years to make up for that. that is so important. less education means less productivity, lower skill sets and ultimately bad for the economy.
1:42 pm
>> edward: so doctor, the biden administration announced anyone coming in from china must provide a negative covid test. the new rules take effect january 5, this is the "wall street journal" reporting that hospitals in china are overwhelmed now by covid cases and a spike there. should we be concerned with this spike in cases in china? >> well, it's good to be aware, but i don't think we should be worried. i think know your risks and take the steps to protect yourself. china has an inefficient healthcare infrastructure. they're not very transparent with their data. they even stopped reporting the number of cases. we don't even know if there's a new variant circulating because they haven't provided us with that information or they may be covering that up, which is no surprise. so it makes sense, i'm happy to see, that they have a new requirement. they must be tested within 48 hours if they're traveling from china to the united states or if they're traveling from china to canada and then to the united states. the only problem i have with this new regulation is why wait
1:43 pm
a week? why not implement it now? >> right. yeah, that's interesting, dr. janet nesheiwhat. lots of topics, lots of things to talk about. i appreciate it. shares of apple sinking. the stock finishing down 3.1%. after weeks of massive winter storm, how the warmer weather coming in is threatening parts of the country that are digging out. the back to the flightmare after case. airports have been a purgatory for lost luggage and stranded passengers. we'll talk the a southwest pilot on what's going on and how they will dig out. less sick days! cold coming on? zicam is the number one cold shortening brand! highly recommend it! zifans love zicam's unique zinc formula. it shortens colds! zicam. zinc that cold!
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now even at the region begins to thaw out, rain and melting snow could create new problems for buffalo residents. just what they need. rick reichmuth with the impact on buffalo and beyond. rick? >> the images are just amazing to see and so dangerous at the same time. in storm -- we had a storm a month ago that brought a record-breaking know storm to buffalo. all of that melted because it warmed back up. now we have this with record-breaking snow. 51 inches in a five-day period at the buffalo airport. we had a similar event just a month ago. now here you go. on a regular year, you'd have 95 inches of snow.
1:49 pm
so far we're here only in december and we've had 101 inches. so they didn't get another dusting of snow, we would have broken -- been over the record for a typical year. pittsburgh, portland, maine, this massive increase in temperatures that we're seeing in buffalo. in buffalo, we probably won't get below freezing for the next week. that means the snow on the ground will be melting and then do into friday, saturday and sunday, rain with it. temperatures by the time we get to the middle part of the week in the mid 50s. we're concerned about ice jams on the area streams. 45 in chicago. 47 in new york. back warming up in the southeast. we continue to see this warming trend thursday, friday, saturday. by the time we get to saturday, new year's eve, we have 267
1:50 pm
million people with above average temperatures. notice the colors there around the eastern great lakes. we have really warm temperatures. we've had a complete pattern shift. we've been talking about this warmup. take a look what is happening across the west. one storm bringing rain and snow in. we have more coming. the next ten days or so, we have a steady stream of moisture coming in across the west. it's really dry. we have drought going on. we want to get any moisture out of what is the rainy season right now. we're going to get too much of this too fast. some spots probably 15 to 20 inches of rain by the time we're done over the next seven days. that means we're potentially looking for a major flooding event. we need the moisture. too much coming too quickly. >> edward: thanks, rick. back to the southwest meltdown. cancellations pile up. fox weather's katie byrne is
1:51 pm
seeing it at the philadelphia international airport. katie? >> yeah, many of the southwest flyers still stranded flyers across the country. many looking for their bags. more on that coming up. it's nice to unwind after a long week of telling people how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. showtime. whoo! i'm on fire tonight. (limu squawks) yes! limu, you're a natural. we're not counting that. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ every year we try to exercise more, to be more social, to just relax.
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1:55 pm
first, katie burns at the philadelphia international airport with the latest, katie. >> edward, some people are in tears describing the last few days have been like for them here the chaos is still ongoing. 69% of southwest flights are disrupted all across the country. more than 2500 of the flights fully canceled. a slight improvement from yesterday but not by much 88% of the airline flights canceled and southwest 85% of 3,000 flights canceled in the country. the situation is not expected to get better until later this week. southwest will reduce its blind schedule operating only a third of its grounds through fridays so the crews can catch up to all of this. we know it started with a winter storm last week that hit right before christmas. some say the airline is using outdated logistical software creating stopping issues, leaving passengers stranded and missing luggage all over airports across the country. today i met one family dealing
1:56 pm
with that. they were to fly from calais to philly but the flights kept getting canceled. they ended up driving 14 hours from st. louis to the philly area and they came to find their luggage but it is nowhere to be found. >> very stressful and all of that, too much delays, cancellations every now and then. i had to sleep at the airport. the u.s. to book us wherever. >> now we know the feds are looking into this and a growing number of lawmakers on capitol hill saying investigations will be coming in the new year, edward. >> edward: thank you, katie, and with me now southwinds nomex west airlines -- southwest airlines, the company in this, but what do you feel happens, w? >> thank you for having me first
1:57 pm
off. let me apologize to our customers. this is completely uncalled for. you know come all the employees are doing everything we can. at the end of the day southwest wasn't prepared. unfortunately this is a decade in the making. we have sounded the alarm bells and tried to get them to change process but it is a combination of process come outdated technology and infrastructure. >> edward: the way they schedule flights? >> well, it is the way that they use pilots and flight attendants. how when one domino falls, it creates so many other issues. we start each day with enough pilots, flight attendants, customer service agents to do the job. but one interruption occurs and it is those processes the need for so many more people. that is kind of the efficiency and the problem with the processes. >> edward: so they need the
1:58 pm
technology so this could happen again because it takes a while to get technology up to speed. >> well, as i said we sounded the alarm bell for years. on november 14th of this year i recorded a podcast and we are one winter storm, one atc event away from christmas my thanksgiving, or new years being affected. and we are in a very precarious situation. so, they are well aware. they decided to walk a very fine line. here we are with hopes and dreams of christmas really dashed. >> edward: the other airlines able to catch up in a few days because they had the weather issue too. 90% of the flights canceled from southwest. how long will it take for southwest to sort this out? speak with the plan now is to operate reduced schedule today and tomorrow to get crews in place. then operate a somewhat normal schedule through the weekend and friday. so, hopefully, our customers are
1:59 pm
going to start seeing the end of this and start seeing some movement. >> edward: soon, hopefully. the bags, too is an issue. this is something that is not going to go away. do you feel like the ceo has apologized? do you feel like the x strict scrutiny will push the airlines and the ceo to make those investments that are needed? >> well, i think with congress looking at it i'm a they have to come up with a plan. that plan is going to have to be looked at. it is going to have to be approved. there will have to be gauge that will have to be reached and they have to be held accountable. they have not been held accountable so far. this is what we have to deal with. >> the last 15 seconds, what kind of damage to the reputation of southwest because they had a good one until this happened. >> it is devastating. it is unconscionable that our customers are left with this bad taste of southwest.
2:00 pm
it is unfortunate. and it is going to last and it is going to take a tremendous amount of effort for southwest management to recover. >> edward: casey murray, this is a story we will stay on top of because of this. thank you all for joining us right here, neil cavuto will be back next week. but for now, you have me. right now starts "the five." ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone katie pavlich commit joey jones, tyrus. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> katie: are you feeling a bit strange? don't know what day it is or what exactly you are supposed to be doing? welcome to a name given to betwixt christmas and new year's.


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